Automotivo Social Media & Performance Marketing

Social Media

Automotivo is the biggest Renault & Dacia dealer in Greece. Having more than 30 years experience in Automotive industry, and 2 large headquarters in Athens, is a leading part of the presence of the French brand in Greece.

Going beyond frontiers by parnering with the leading Renault & Dacia dealer, to create a user friendly digital destination to showcase their car options.

Social Media

We implemented a "driver-first" social media approach, providing valuable content to our audience, as long as the benefits coming from a dealer like Automotivo. We performed a full redesign of the content, having focused in video content and put effort on creating animated posts to catch the attention of our users.

Performance Marketing

For 2022, we needed campaigns that would promote pre-owned and new models to an engaged public, who are either in the process of buying a car or thinking about purchasing a vehicle in the next period of time. However, 2022 is one of the most difficult years, with rising inflation, the energy crisis and the Russia-Ukraine War reducing people's need and intention to buy a car.
For all of the above reasons, we have created campaigns that capture the user at all steps of the marketing funnel, from awareness to the conversion step, placing particular emphasis on the consideration part, since a user spends more time in this step until proceed to some specific market.

So the campaigns we set up are mostly in Google Ads and Meta Ads.

Google Ads
Our main Google Ads campaigns are on Search, as this is how we catch those users who are either looking for used cars or new ones. Therefore, we made sure that our campaigns are properly targeted with the appropriate keywords, bearing in mind that the high Impression Share for this type of campaign plays an important role.
At the same time we have campaigns on GDN and YouTube which are aimed at prospecting and remarketing audiences. Through these campaigns we highlight the new market models through Responsive and Standard Ads for GDN, and In Stream and Discovery Ads for YT. The results were amazing as a vast number of leads and traffic went to Automotivo Websites.
For Remarketing targeting, we used first party data from customer lists or lists of people who have expressed interest in communication or test drives, and made the most of them through Lookalike Audiences.

Meta Ads
In this channel we put more emphasis on Remarketing targeting, having campaigns with Objectives Reach when we wanted to achieve Awareness, or Traffic when we wanted to achieve Consideration. Basically, the actions in this channel were related to Used Cars, where we gave the largest percentage of the budget.
The overall results were millions of impressions and thousands of leads.
And in this channel, we leveraged the company's first party data, and created Lookalike audiences. At the same time, we had targets based on interests, demographics and geolocation in order to achieve the best possible performance.

All campaings were accompanied with the equivalent e-mail marketing actions.

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