Evis Goodness Social Media

Social Media

Life changes bite by bite. In a social way.

Evis Goodness is a all-new wellness online hub, created and curated by Evi Louli. Mind the Ad took care of the social media presence (Facebook & Instagram) of the brand, as long as the paid social strategy.

Social Media

We implemented a "change your life in a healthy and sustainable way, focusing in your wellness" social media approach, following the brands core values, providing content to our audience, such as full workouts, nutrition tips and recipes and podcasts providing inspiration to keep going!

Performance Marketing

For 2022, we needed campaigns that would promote our content and mostly podcasts and video.

So the campaigns we set up are mostly in Meta Ads.

Meta Ads
In this channel we put more emphasis on Prospecting and Core interests targeting, having campaigns with Objectives Reach when we wanted to achieve Awareness, or Traffic when we wanted to achieve Consideration. Basically, the actions in this channel were related to Videos and Podcasts, where we gave the largest percentage of the budget.
The overall results were millions of impressions and thousands of clicks.
And in this channel, we leveraged the company's first party data, and created Lookalike audiences. At the same time, we had targets based on interests, demographics and geolocation in order to achieve the best possible performance.

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