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IFET is a vital part to the Greek Health System. IFET supports the work of the National Organization for Medicines (EOF) and the Ministry of Health through actions that benefit all Greek citizens.

Its aim is to secure the right to Health in a well-developed, modern, and responsible manner. Its vision is to ensure everyone has access to it, regardless the rarity of their condition. IFET sets its targets high. Modernization, transparency, and cooperation are the main three areas that we focus on, by investing in technology and innovation, aiming to provide better services to all people in Greece.

The health crisis of covid 19 hit the global economy, caused significant changes in society and the market. Established habits and practices changed radically in a few months.

The importance of the digital transformation grew, while health and sustainable development became a priority.

The transition to a better world is what is required, and a key component of a better world is health.


Increase the brand awareness on LinkedIn and throughout the online environment.

Inspire and increase credibility.


IFET is now creating content towards the Customized Health vision. Showing support to Patients all over Greece. After all, Patients will always be a priority.

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