Theatro Kefallinias Performance Marketing


Theatro Kefallinias started in 1987, having presented more than 60 plays to date.

Theatro Kefallinias started in 1987, having presented more than 60 plays to date.

The main purpose of our campaigns is to show the right audience interested in theater and art the shows we are running and to convince them to buy a ticket.

We mainly use Google Ads and Meta Ads channels.

Google Ads

Our main campaigns are based around Search Ads, in which we target branded and generic searches around theater and shows. We use remarketing techniques through lists of users who have booked a ticket and attended previous theater performances. In these audiences we use GDN and YouTube campaigns directly targeting previous website visitors as well as custom and similar audiences.
The overall results for 2022 were magnificent having accomplished more than 10 ROAS.

Meta Ads

In this channel we use Awareness and Conversion campaigns to show the performances to different kinds of users who are in different engagement steps.
For Awareness campaigns we use videos, while for conversions we have static posts with asset customization, so that we get the best possible result in every placement served by Facebook/Instagram.
The overall results for 2022 were superb having a ROAS near 10.
Of course, in this channel too, we use Remarketing techniques through Custom Audiences, but also prospecting based on interests and invoices, in order to get the best possible results.

Newsletter Campaigns

Having a small but dedicated e-mails base, we frequently inform our favorites having an open rate up to 45% and a CTR rate up to 10% per impression per newsletter. So our Audience will not miss any news of their favorite theater.

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