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Vardas is known to every Greek as the best destination to pick a suit. Nowadays, Vardas offers both Men & Women clothing, with focus on elegance.

Vardas clothing are well-known as the epitome of elegant design and functionality. The Greek brand with decades of experience and presence in Greek market was looking to establish its social media presence and reach new audiences.

For that we implemented a new Social Media approach, focusing on valuable content for clients (tips, outfit suggestions) as long as hard-selling product promos on the equivalent occasion (Black Friday, Xmas Sales etc)


Increase the brand reach on the Instagram and Facebook networks. Invest on Pinterest. Pinterest is ideal for brands in the fashion industry, so logically it made sense that Vardas should be maximising the reach coming from the network.

Second to this was to also send targeted web traffic to the site from all Social Mediums, in a bid to generate sales.


To increase the brand reach, we would have to use a strategy that focused on two components: creating beautiful posts that showed off the products and then promoting those posts using our in-house experts to ensure the posts reach thousands of potential customers and use a marketing funnel to achieve sales.

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